Boat and Shipbuildung

In boatbuilding applications, SAERTEX products help improve the energy balance of sailing yachts and motor boats. By using our fibre-reinforced composite materials, heavy metallic materials can be replaced, thereby achieving significant weight reductions and energy savings. 

Our materials are utilised in the hull and deck planking, superstructures and interior mouldings of vessels. For such applications, SAERTEX supplies complete material solutions for the sandwich construction system in the area of composites, and delivers proven solutions for closed processes such as RTM. Our SAERcore special functional fabric with integrated flow enhancer is well-suited for the rapid production of straightforward superstructures. When draping the fabric over vertical areas and large curvatures of the component – for instance the hull – many of our customers favour the patented, self-adhesive SAERfix fabric, which makes this work easier. In addition to multiaxial fabrics made of glass fibres, the patented structural core material SAERfoam has become established as an excellent replacement for balsa wood components.

The comprehensive material system SAERTEX LEO represents a real milestone in the manufacture of components for use in boat and shipbuilding. It combines a high level of fire protection with a high degree of mechanical strength – and is furthermore non-toxic. SAERTEX LEO is ideal for making components for use in passenger and cargo ships, because SAERTEX LEO fulfils the most stringent fire-protection requirements:

  • IMO FTP and EN 45545-2 tested
  • 98% lower flame propagation than with PES
  • 22 x lower flame spread than with PES

We would also be pleased to provide services for our customers that accelerate the production of components, such as the cutting & kitting of materials. Upon request, we can also manufacture complete components. In this area we have specialised in manufacturing methods that employ infusion and RTM technologies in particular. One of SAERTEX’s major strengths is the provision of engineering support for converting component materials from metal to CFRP/GFRP. In the shipbuilding sector in particular, we are developing groundbreaking innovations together with our customers.

In 2017 SAERTEX and its customer Brødrene Aa were awarded with the JEC INNOVATION AWARD in the category better living. Together with two more partners SAERTEX was able to develop and deliver the carbon non-crimp fabrics for the hull and deck of this outstanding touristic passenger vessel called "Vision of the Fjords".

Current examples of applications:


three good reasons

  1. SAERTEX offers complete system solutions such as SAEERTEX LEO and component manufacturing services.
  2. SAERTEX has many years of experience in boatbuilding application technology.
  3. SAERTEX is taking the industry forwards by developing innovations such as SAERTEX LEO and SAERfoam together with its customers.