Lightweight components help reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and extend the range of aircraft. They also have positive effects in terms of costs and the environment. This is why SAERTEX products and SAERTEX know-how can be found in almost all sectors of the manned and unmanned aerospace industry: From aeroplanes and helicopters right through to components for the spacecraft market.

Components manufactured of carbon fibers offer the greatest weight saving potential. SAERTEX has been producing non- crimp fabrics (NCF) from carbon since as far back as 1990. In 1997 SAERTEX received its first certification for the aerospace industry. Since then we have been a global supplier to the industry and its manufacturers. Primary and secondary structural components such as stringers, ribs, fairing parts and pressure bulkheads are manufactured from SAERTEX carbon non-crimp fabrics, as are complete wing structures. In a further development,  preforms and components for Airbus have been supplied – among others the pressure bulkhead for the A380. A key requirement for this is the EN9100 certification which we have maintained since 2003.

Our non-crimp fabric reinforcements are always individually developed in cooperation with our customers to deliver top-performance. SAERTEX materials ensure cost efficiency in the manufacturing process. Our special aerospace team provides a high level of consulting expertise in terms of materials and applications.

SAERTEX® Smart Detect Control

Ensuring the quality of SAERTEX carbon fiber materials. The SAERTEX Smart Detect Control System looks into the structure of non-crimp fabrics and reveals potential deviations from high-end specifications, like gaps or undulations.
By integrating smart technologies into our production processes, we improve the quality of our products and, most importantly, offer our customers reliable solutions for optimizing their further processing.

This globally unique process is characterized by:
  1. Continuous and automated transparency
  2. Non-destructive and digital processes in real-time
  3. In-line safety for your manufacturing process

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three good reasons

  1. High-tech innovation with individualization and transparency: We continuously optimize our fabrics, adapt them to your automated production processes and drive innovation in high-tech materials. Moreover, our Smart Detect Control system ensures an automated quality control, which enables safety and cost advantages in your further processing.
  2. High volume production at quality: We are the biggest supplier of non-crimp fabrics for aerospace applications. With an annual sale of more than 100.000 t of glass and 3.000 t of carbon, we are experienced in high-volume and high-quality textile manufacturing. Certifications like EN 9100  and ISO 14001 are a given.
  3. Strong consulting expertise and global supply chain: As an independent player in fiber procurement and with strong supplier networks, our specialist team for the aerospace industry offers tailor-made solutions and maximum availability of the required materials.

LEO Infusion Resin

LEO Protection Layer (Topcoat / Gelcoat)

Core Materials (Optional)

LEO Reinforcement Material
(Glass / Carbon / Aramid / Hybrid)