idb marine Mojito 650 ─ FLAX NCF FOR MARINE ADVENTURES

The French shipyard idb marine combines performance and sustainability in boatbuilding with SAERTEX Flax NCF.


Idbmarine developed the Mojito 650, an environmentally friendly boat design for the mini class, made with flax multiaxials. For the French shipyard, it was clear that the implementation of the Mojito 650 could complete the Mojito concept in the small cruise ship segment. The Mojito 650 offers the sailor the performance and strengths of the Mojito concept with the panoramic roof and a lifting keel. This new cruiser is a smart addition to the Mojito family and promotes an environmentally friendly approach in combination with excellent performance.


In a further step towards sustainable production, SAERTEX and French partner Terre de Lin have launched a technical collaboration to produce non-crimp fabrics made of flax fibers for the industrial segment. The union combines SAERTEX´s expertise in reinforcement materials with the large capacity of one of the major suppliers of sustainable flax fibers, Terre de Lin.
These flax non-crimp fabrics form the basis for the Mojito 650 and enable the production to be as sustainable as possible. Bio-based fibers help reduce overall energy consumption, are renewable and have minimal environmental impact. These characteristics are in line with the SAERTEX´s vision of " Innovation for a resource-saving future," which aims to make a significant contribution to minimizing global resource consumption.


  1. Flax NCFs have minimal environmental impact
  2. The use of flax helps to reduce the CO2 footprint
  3. Extremely light

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