Spray adhesives have now become a thing of the past! The new SAERfix has arrived: It’s compatible with all common resin systems, has an improved adhesive formula and offers better resistance to osmosis. Non-crimp fabrics containing SAERfix are self-adhesive – the optimal solution for laying up and positioning multiaxial fabrics in the mold.
  1. Self-adhesive: Time savings of over 50 % compared to a spray can
    No time wasted for applying adhesive
    reduces production costs
  2. New adhesive formula for easier draping and up to 10 times longer hold
    Improved, long-lasting self-adhesive properties thanks to the new SAERfix adhesive formula
    proven for draping into vertical molds
    ideal for RTM
  3. Reproducible quality unachievable with spray cans
    Uniformly applied amounts of adhesive
    laminate has better mechanical characteristics compared to manual application with spray adhesive
    fibers remain better stretched in the non-crimp fabric
    no subsequent slipping or wave formation
    multiple adhesion
  4. Compatible with all common resin systems
    Works with UP, EP and VE resins
    no need to keep double stock
    no risk of confusion
  5. Sustainable for the environment and for your team
    No environmental pollution, no aerosols, no strong odors due to spray mist
    no solvents
    classified as “not hazardous to water”
  6. Improved resistance to osmosis
    2 x longer resistance in warm water at 60 °C
    Improved long-term performance of the laminate



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