In shipbuilding applications, SAERTEX products ensure significant savings in weight and energy. The energy balance is improved with the aid of our composites as a replacement for heavy metallic materials. 

The SAERTEX LEO System represents a real milestone as an integrated material system for making components in the shipbuilding sector. It combines a high degree of fire protection with excellent mechanical durability, while being non-toxic at the same time. The SAERTEX LEO System is ideally suited for  components for passenger and cargo ships, because the safety factor is particularly important at sea. This is true in terms of both mechanical performance and fire safety. It is especially the case for interior components, but also for external structures and other structural components – after all, there are always many people aboard ships.

LEO, our integrated composite system, perfectly combines these two safety-related issues while simultaneously benefitting from the unbeatable weight-savings offered by fiber-reinforced plastic components (in comparison with steel components). And less weight means enormous saving potential in terms of fuel and CO2 emissions.In addition, maintenance expenses are significantly reduced because fiber-reinforced components do not corrode in the same way as steel.
The SAERTEX LEO System represents a milestone for components in the shipbuilding sector: it combines a high degree of fire protection with excellent mechanical durability and is additionally non-toxic in the event of a fire.


An overview of the advantages of the SAERTEX LEO System for the shipbuilding industry:
  • The LEO system meets the most stringent fire protection requirements according to IMO RES. A 653 (16) FTP CODE MSC 61 (67) (Annex 1 Part 2/Annex 1 Part 5), DIN 4102-1 (B1) and ASTM E 84 (class A/class 1).
  • Tested in accordance with IMO FTP Code Parts 2, 3, 5, 10
  • 98% lower flame propagation than with PES
  • 22 x lower flame spread than with PES
  • The LEO system is an integrated, perfectly matched material system that consists of non-crimp fabrics, an optional core material, resin and a fire-retardant coating.
  • Upon request, we can manufacture the complete component for you and assist you throughout the entire value chain.
  • Components manufactured from composite materials require significantly less maintenance and are more resistant to corrosion than components made of steel or aluminum.
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We would also be pleased to provide services for our customers that accelerate the production of components, such as the cutting & kitting of materials. If requested we can also manufacture complete components, since we are specialized in manufacturing methods that employ vacuum infusion and RTM technologies in particular. One of the primary strengths of SAERTEX is the provision of engineering support in terms of switching from metal components to CFRP/GFRP components. In this area we are, together with our customers, currently developing groundbreaking innovations for the shipbuilding sector.

The FIBRESHIP project is an innovative project in which SAERTEX materials are applicated. In June 2019, the 2nd public workshop of this project took place in La Ciotat, France. In order to show the achievements of this project, a full-scale block of a Fishing Research Vessel was built as a demonstrator. Our customer iXBlue equipped structural parts of this demonstrator with our SAERTEX LEO. The FIBRESHIP project demonstrates the feasibility of using FRP materials in the three vessels categories: light merchant ships, passenger transport & leisure ships and special service vessels.


  1. Fire-retardant fiber-reinforced composite components according to IMO FTP.
  2. Depending on customer-specific requirements for the components, LEO uses different core materials, component- or load-optimized non-crimp fabrics, and infusion resins to satisfy the fire protection requirements in question.
  3. Our team of industry specialists and application engineers has experience gained from a variety of different projects and is at hand to provide high-quality consulting.

Application Examples:

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LEO Infusion Resin

LEO Protection Layer (Topcoat / Gelcoat)

Core Materials (Optional)

LEO Reinforcement Material
(Glass / Carbon / Aramid / Hybrid)