SAERflow combines a glass reinforcement and a lightweight synthetic structure. Together, they provide uncompressible layers with excellent resin flow and high draping properties. SAERflow is used as an internal flow media, which saves a tremendous amount of time. No need to lay-up or release the external flow mesh or its associated consumable layers.
  1. Benefits of an external flow mesh integrated.
    The flowing capacity of SAERflow is impressive. SAERflow resin flow is up to twice as fast as comparable material. It is ideal for vacuum infusion. SAERflow is equivalent to and replaces an external flow mesh.
  2. Saves time and money
    No need for an external flow media. No peel-ply necessary. Saves up to 50% of handling costs.
  3. Very good drapability
    Because of its highly deformable properties, SAERflow can be easily draped while its original flow and mechanical properties are kept intact.
  4. Comparable bending properties
    The bending properties of a laminate with SAERflow are comparable to those of a pure NCF laminate.
  5. Can be combined with other SAERTEX solutions
    SAERflow can be combined with other SAERTEX solutions, e.g. glass, carbon, aramid NCF ‘s. It is produced to fit your application.
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