Automotive industry

The reasons for replacing materials such as aluminium, iron and steel with components made of fibre-reinforced composites are manifold: Lower raw material costs, weight and energy consumption and many more. However, one objective always remains the same: Making the vehicles even better!

With our carbon fabrics, SAERTEX has been a reliable supplier to the automotive industry for many years. They have been incorporated into the outer skin as “Class A surfaces” and used for making structural components in the bodywork, doors, rear bulkheads and B-pillars. In passenger cars and commercial vehicles, SAERTEX fabrics can also be found in rims, wind deflectors, driver's cabs, suspension elements and superstructures. Specifically for the use of leaf springs in trucks and passenger vehicles, SAERTEX has developed Ultra Fatigue UD. This unidirectional fiberglass non-crimp fabric is 50% lighter than steel and offers longer operational life and improved fatigue properties.

Carbon non-crimp fabrics are also driving e-mobility forward. They serve, for example, to protect the batteries, reduce weight and impress with high energy efficiency. The lowest possible weight in combination with a longer battery range is an important milestone on the road to electromobility. Innovative lightweight materials such as those from SAERTEX can make a significant contribution to weight reduction while improving safety through integrated fire protection measures.

Together with our customers, we develop individually tailored glass, carbon and hybrid technical fabrics and provide support during the selection of materials. This includes draping tests, impregnation tests and mechanical tests.

Current examples of applications:


three good reaseons

  1. Competence: SAERTEX is a long-standing development partner for customized solutions in many areas of the automotive industry.
  2. Performance: sales of more than 100,000 t of glass and more than 3,000 t of carbon per year acrss all sectors are proof of the top performance we provide for our customers.
  3. A string partner: due to the best relationships with all major fiber suppliers, the highest degree of availability of the desired materials is guaranteed for our customers. We always find a solution!

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LEO Reinforcement Material
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