GL-certified testing laboratory

The SAERTEX testing laboratory for non-metallic materials has been certified by Germanischer Lloyd (GL) since 2013. Employees, facilities and procedures have been approved to GL standards for testing fibre-reinforced plastics. The available tests are not limited to static analyses such as tension, bending and ILSS testing – it is also possible to conduct  fatigue tests, measure the fibre resin content and analyse the drapability data of NCFs.

During a further audit by Germanischer Lloyd, the certified range of tests has now been expanded by adding pressure testing pursuant to ASTM D6641 and DIN EN 2850 and shear stress testing pursuant to ASTM 3518. The laboratory’s tensile testing capabilities were also complemented with the ability to determine an important key indicator, the “Poisson ratio”. The SAERTEX testing laboratory is currently developing methods for testing materials in accordance with further useful standards in the composites field. 

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