SAERcore is our patented product range for closed injection processes such as RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding) and RTM light, together with infusion processes. The highlight: SAERcore delivers an optimised resin flow zone of polypropylene (PP). This causes the resin to flow four times faster – and even five times faster with our special high-flow variant.

SAERcore is a stitched (optionally glued) sandwich complex which, in its basic version, consists of one or two layers of chopped strand mat (CSM) and a core of PP (resin flow zone). Initially the resin flows horizontally into the core material and then impregnates the outer reinforcements through vertical injection. This “two-stage impregnation” process saves a significant amount of time, because the flow enhancer causes horizontal injection throughout the full width of the component to experience extreme acceleration.

The outer reinforcements can be freely adapted and comprise optionally of one or two layers of chopped strand mat. Here, the CSM fibres are again freely selectable. Our multiaxial technology is integrated into the SAERcore MAX product, which means that the sandwich complex is additionally reinforced with multiaxial interlaid complexes.

SAERcore and SAERcore MAX don’t only deliver time savings in terms of the resin flow speed – both product variants are available in combination with SAERfix, which means that the mould filling time can again be drastically reduced. To achieve an optimum surface appearance for the finished component, SAERcore can be supplemented with an additional non-woven covering. On request, SAERTEX can also produce customer-specific kits that again significantly accelerate further processing.

  1. Very good drapability
    Complex mould shapes can be easily draped while keeping perfect flow and surface finish properties. The optimum choice for closed processes such as RTM, RTM light, infusion etc.
  2. High-Flow version with 25 % faster flow rate
    Ideal for large parts when the time for resin transfer is limited. Also available for SAERcore MAX.
  3. Flexible range of applications and individually adaptable
    The material width and type of flow enhancer can be individually adapted, depending upon the customer’s requirements. The type of fibre for the CSM is freely selectable. Also available in kit form!
  4. Can be combined with other SAERTEX solutions
    All in one: Reinforced with SAERcore MAX it is possible to fill the mould in just a single stage. The desired mechanical characteristics are achieved through the incorporation of multiaxial interlaid complexes.
    Self-adhesive: SAERcore and SAERcore MAX can furthermore be provided with the self-adhesive SAERfix draping aid. This offers a further drastic reduction in the mould filling time.
  5. High quality - Made in Europe and America
    SAERcore and its constituent components are "Made in Europe" and since 2016 also made in Huntersville, NC at our plant in the United States.
Discover SAERcore with integrated fire protection

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