SAERfoam® Series

SAERfoam is our structural core material with 3D glass bridges. SAERfoam replaces conventional core materials such as PVC, PET and balsa in an innovative manner: Ultralight foam (PU/PE/PIR) is combined with 3D glass reinforcements. The result is SAERfoam, a hybrid core material with customizable mechanical properties and extremely low weight.

The SAERfoam series consists of the new standard styles SAERfoam 80 and SAERfoam 60 as well as the SAERfoam + edition. SAERfoam 80 has been developed to improve the handling of structures such as boat hulls and decks and large industrial parts made in infusion. SAERfoam 60 is more dedicated to RTM process because it preserves molds. The SAERfoam + edition includes all non standard articles and allows customized adaptions – even fire protection solutions in combination with SAERTEX LEO are possible.
  1. Stiff and strong product
    Very high shear modulus, which reduces deflection and allows thickness reduction  –
    SAERfoam exhibits up to four times greater shear modulus in comparison with PVC and PET.
  2. Economical solution
    SAERfoam offers the most economical solution. Lower material cost than PVC ; lower resin consumption than PET.
  3. Simple to process
    SAERfoam is easy and inexpensive to cut. In curved shapes, the resin consumption furthermore can be reduced by around 1 kg/m² thanks to the natural flexibility of the plain sheets which minimizes the need for a drapable version.
  4. Break-through draping solution without print through
    SAERfoam panels are more flexible before being impregnated with resin, they can pass large curved designs without drapable version - lower resin consumption and lower print through.
  5. No water absorption into the core
    Closed cell core: For areas below the waterline, no water absorption into the core in case of failure of outer skin
Material Calculator SAERfoam®

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Product variations
SAERfoam 80
  • Thickness (in mm): 10; 15; 20; 25; 30
  • Alternative to PVC80, PET 115
  • Reinforcement is defined by standard range
  • Compatible with UP/VE/EP resin systems
  • Developed to improve the handling of large parts made by infusion
SAERfoam 60
  • Thicknesses (in mm): 10; 15; 20; 25; 30
  • Alternative to PVC80, PET 115
  • Reinforcement is defined by standard range
  • Compatible with UP/VE/EP resin systems
  • Soft material preserves molds during RTM process
SAERfoam +
  • Thickness from 8 to 30 every 1mm step
  • Customized adaptions of the engineered core material for possible alternative to low density PVC, PET and Balsa 150
  •  Customized adaptions of properties according to requirements
  • Compatibility with Flame Retardant resin PIR, PH
  • Dedicated to project requirement (process and performance)

LEO Infusion Resin

LEO Protection Layer (Topcoat / Gelcoat)

Core Materials (Optional)

LEO Reinforcement Material
(Glass / Carbon / Aramid / Hybrid)