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Klaus, Bruno und Simon LammersKlaus Lammers, Bruno Lammers, Simon Lammers
  • Family-owned business
  • Founded in 1982 in Saerbeck, Germany
  • 14 sites in 10 countries on 5 continents
  • Customer service in >50 countries
  • 3,000 customer-specific product solutions
  • 1,400 employees worldwide
  • 350m euro turnover in 2016

The SAERTEX success story began with a good idea in 1982: The concept of producing technical reinforcing materials in the form of stitch-bonded fabrics – so-called non-crimp fabrics (NCF), instead of conventional textiles, and leveraging existing specialist knowledge to develop completely new products. Although corporate expansion has made it necessary in the meantime to construct and occupy new buildings around the world – developing SAERTEX as a global player – much of the old pioneering spirit still remains today. This is particularly evident in our determination to constantly seek new directions and display the courage to pursue them.


JEC Innovation Award 2017
“Vision of the Fjords, Ship of the Year 2016 in Norway”: Brødrene Aa and SAERTEX win the JEC Innovation Award 2017.
The SAERTEX family-owned company
As a future-oriented step, SAERTEX CEO Bruno Lammers is passing the management of the world market leader in non-crimp fabrics and fiber-reinforced composites – a medium-sized family-owned business – on to his sons Klaus and Simon Lammers on July 1, 2016.
Positioning with parts & services for steel-2-composite
New positioning with parts & services for steel-2-composite markets.
JEC Innovation Award 2014
SAERTEX receives the prestigious JEC Innovation Award 2014 in the category "Wind Energy" for its joint work with two partners on a project to achieve the automated production of rotor blades for wind turbines.
SAERTEX Brazil is established
At the end of 2013, a new manufacturing site opens in the Brazilian municipality of Indaiatuba in the Federal State of São Paulo.
AVK Award for SAERfix EP
SAERTEX wins the AVK Innovation Price 2010 in the category "Industry" for the development of the patented product SAERfix EP.
New sites are opened in Portugal and China
The 8th SAERTEX site worldwide opens in October 2008 in the Chinese City of Dongying. In the same year, SAERTEX Portugal in Viana do Castelo begins production.
New sites are opened in India
In July 2005, SAERTEX India is established in Pune.
EN9100 certification and installation of the first cutter machine
Extremely stringent quality requirements apply to the aerospace industry in particular. SAERTEX has been EN 9100-certified since 2003. The installation of the first cutter machine places SAERTEX in a position that enables the company to better respond to individual customer needs. With the capability to realize customer-specific solutions, SAERTEX consistently and successfully differentiates itself from its competitors.
SAERTEX in Stade opens
A milestone in the history of SAERTEX: Since 2002, SAERTEX in Stade has been dedicated to component manufacture. In Stade, SAERTEX manufactures preforms and composite components for high-end applications such as shipping, wind turbine generators and offshore accessories, together with high-tech products for the leisure industry.

New sites in France opens
SAERTEX France is established in 2002 in Arandon, situated to the east of the French metropolis of Lyon.
New sites in USA opens
In January 2001, SAERTEX USA commences production of multiaxial fabrics in North Carolina.
Certification for the aerospace industry
SAERTEX received its first certification for the aerospace industry in 1997. The company has since been a global supplier to the industry and its manufacturers.

New sites in South Africa opens
In 1997, SAERTEX South Africa is established close to Cape Town.
SAERTEX multiCom is established
The subsidiary company SAERTEX multiCom produces a top-end product for trenchless sewer rehabilitation with SAERTEX-LINER.
ISO 9001 and 9002 certification (Germanischer Lloyd)
In October 1993, SAERTEX receives Germanischer Lloyd certification and production now takes place in accordance with the ISO 9001/EN 29001 quality assurance system.
SAERTEX Wagener GmbH & Co. KG is founded in the Westphalian town of Saerbeck, Germany.

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LEO Reinforcement Material
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