Saerbeck, December 7, 2020 – SAERTEX implements a price increase of 5% for the glass fiber assortment to take account of rising costs.

During difficult times dominated by the pandemic, the SAERTEX production network and its supply chains have proven to be robust and reliable. In recent months, orders have been fulfilled worldwide with practically no negative impact on delivery performance.

Even before the pandemic, costs had already seen significant rises. This is compounded additionally by rising raw material costs, especially for glass fibers. As one of the world's leading manufacturers of textile reinforcement materials, SAERTEX has been able to absorb a large proportion of these increased costs. Capacities have been shifted within the global SAERTEX production network. New production machinery and innovative manufacturing technologies have been integrated. Also cost-saving product innovations like the news basic line, Ultra Fatigue UD and the Easy Drape UD styles have been introduced to the market.

Despite those actions, SAERTEX feels compelled to implement a price increase of 5% for the glass-fiber product range to take account of the rising costs. The price increase will be effective as of 01-01-2021 for new orders received.
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