SAERTEX enters into sustainable partnership with Terre de Lin for flax fibers

SAERTEX and Terre de Lin have launched a collaboration for non-crimp fabrics with flax fibers for the marine and sports & leisure segments. The partnership of the two companies aims to combine SAERTEX´s expertise in reinforcement materials with the large capacity of one of the world´s biggest suppliers of sustainable flax fibers, Terre de Lin.

SAERTEX is known for its expertise in composite reinforcements made from glass, carbon and aramid fibers. In addition to the previously used basalt, flax is now the second bio-based fiber that expands the range of textile possibilities. Flax fibers are renewable and have minimal environmental impact during processing. They help partners of SAERTEX to reduce the CO2 footprint of their composite products and are thus in line with SAERTEX´s corporate vision "Innovation for a resource-saving future," which aims to make a significant contribution towards minimizing the consumption of non-renewable resources and fossil fuels.

Terre de Lin is the global leader in flax production. Based in Normandy, it manages flax culture and the transformation from seeds to fibers. The company is committed to ongoing quality improvement and innovation. Terre de Lin focuses on keeping its flax expertise gained from the seeds to the fibers method and strives to continuously improve the environmental impact of flax production as well as its social responsibility.

SAERTEX as well as Terre de Lin will be displaying the latest innovations in the fields of reinforcement materials and flax fibers at the JEC World from May 2 – 5.

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