One idea to reduce the product carbon footprint is to reduce over-engineering - by using natural fiber fabrics. In cooperation with Terre de Lin, one of the worlds biggest supplier of linen, we developed this new product series for you: the new flax fiber NCFs. Made by SAERTEX in France.

Maybe they will not replace glass fiber fabrics. But they are one way to reduce the CO2-footprint. For example of interior parts in #boats, for #skis or boards and those #composite parts in #transportation that are o.k. with the mechanical properties of flax fibers and good damping charateristics are a benefit.

JEC Group organized a dedicated natural fiber village in hall 5 at JEC WORLD 2023. Hall 5 is also where you will find the SAERTEX booth - right at the entrance - to discuss this topic for your next composite project with our experts.

Watch our nev video:


LEO Infusion Resin

LEO Protection Layer (Topcoat / Gelcoat)

Core Materials (Optional)

LEO Reinforcement Material
(Glass / Carbon / Aramid / Hybrid)