Increase of guaranteed tackiness for SAERfix EP for industrial applications

SAERTEX has several years of experience with the tackiness and solubility of the SAERfix EP product. Long-term use in the industry has shown that SAERfix EP can be used efficiently even after a longer storage period.

Backed by years of research to control aging and material behavior, SAERTEX increases the guaranteed tackiness from 4 months to 12 months for industrial applications without having to change the glue formulation or process. Aerospace-grade parts are excluded from this extension. During the investigations, it was found that the decrease in the period of 12 months is only about 5% from the initial tackiness, when the material is stored at room temperature. Other parameters and effects on processes due to prolonged storage have not been tested and all customers are advised to examine effects on their process and laminate properties.

It goes without saying that the material does not have to be disposed of when the guaranteed tackiness has expired. The guarantee does not refer to the durability as known from prepregs, but to the SAERTEX guaranteed tackiness, which is given up to 12 months after production. After 12 months, the material is out of this legal warranty, but can still be used as long as the tackiness is sufficient.

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