"Développement Composite" is a newly created company founded by an experienced and complementary trio: Julien Nicoli (CEO), Jean Philippe Bordat (COO) and Pascal Pean (Composites Manager). Together, they have in-depth knowledge about the installation of train platforms and advanced composites.


The idea of the project was to develop composite platforms with an easy to install plug-and-play system. Initial requirements were to reduce weight and thus, simplify installation of the platform. This goal was impressively achieved through the use of SAERFOAM®. In addition, compared to concrete applications, the use of SAERCORE Max® saves a lot of time in production and limits the mechanical means required. In addition, the lightness and simplicity of the product made it possible to integrate a system for adjusting the distance from the rail that meets the constraints and requirements of the operator.

Technical Benefits

  1. Weight reduction (80% lighter than concrete applications)
  2. Easy system distance adjustment system in relation to the rail (patented)
  3. More than 50% savings in CO₂ emissions during this construction phase (less road transport and less material resources for implementation)
  4. Tailor-made geometric adaptability to existing ones (presence of furniture or infrastructure) and different colors possible
  5. High mechanical resistance meeting SNCF requirements and fire resistance in accordance with normative requirements, great flexibility


For vacuum infusion with polyester resin and structural SAERfoam®, Développement Composite opted for SAERcore Max®, an internal flow medium that ensures perfect wet-out and also introduces oriented fibers. SAERfoam® is supplied in CNC-cut kits to facilitate large-scale production but can also be supplied in plain sheets if required. The use of SAERcore Max® allows a reduction in the number of layers to be draped without compromising performance and without the need for consumables.


Thanks to the effective teamwork among the project partners, the project was implemented quickly. The SAERTEX team was available to provide technical support throughout the project. After close coordination with SAERTEX, Développement Composite chose SAERfoam® because it offers high resistance, excellent permeability and impressive stiffness for a lightweight solution. All of this at a competitive cost. In addition, SAERcore Max is used to achieve the necessary thickness and strength in just one layer to meet the SNCF specification.

LEO Infusion Resin

LEO Protection Layer (Topcoat / Gelcoat)

Core Materials (Optional)

LEO Reinforcement Material
(Glass / Carbon / Aramid / Hybrid)