The French company Bouygues SA, with its head offices in Paris, is the fifth largest construction company in Europe. Since 1952, Bouygues has been a global player in the construction and services segments and is represented in over 80 countries in the world. In that time, Bouygues has completed numerous major projects in cooperation with renowned customers. Driven by its high power of innovation and a passion to implement new ideas, the Bouygues subsidiary in Turkmenistan (Bouygues Turkmen) has completed an exciting construction project together with SAERTEX.


In 2013, SAERTEX supplied glass non-crimp fabrics and core material (SAERfoam®) for a cupola construction project in Turkmenistan in collaboration with another customer. The project met with great success and aroused enormous interest from other customers in the construction industry. In 2014, SAERTEX drew the attention of PALMARINE Composite. This company was interested in acting on behalf of Bouygues Turkmen and as project leader for an identical cupola structure. The Bouygues engineers were looking for a reliable manufacturer of non-crimp fabric structures and a lightweight core material that was ideally suited for rapid infusion processes. This resulted in collaboration between Bouygues Turkmen and SAERTEX.

  1. Reduced weight
  2. Corrosion-resistant
  3. Modern design due to its high formability


Traditionally, cupola roofs are made of concrete – a material that is still frequently used throughout the construction industry despite its many disadvantages. For instance, structural parts made of concrete are much heavier than parts made of composite materials and are more prone to corrosion. Composite materials offer the benefit of greater freedom when it comes to designing structural parts. PALMARINE Composite and Bouygues Turkmen realized early on the benefits of composites in the construction industry and capitalized on them accordingly.

Compared with core materials made of PVC, SAERfoam® offers cost advantages of up to 15%. SAERfoam® is easy to process and its special material properties can be customized for any project. This high level of flexibility has met with enormous customer satisfaction.


Since the start of its collaboration with SAERTEX, the Bouygues Group has completed three new cupolas for roofs on the Congress Center and the Concert Theater in the Turkmenian capital of Ashgabat. Throughout the entire value-added process, the cupolas were designed in collaboration with SAERTEX and produced using our SAERfoam® material. Due to this successful collaboration, SAERTEX has managed to become a long-term supplier to the Bouygues Group. This will allow us to carry out many other projects together in the future.

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