SAERTEX and Pontis Engineering: Partnership with focus on "Last-Mile Delivery

Saerbeck, April 26, 2022 - SAERTEX and Pontis have agreed on a new, close cooperation. The projects focus on the field of "Last-Mile Delivery," which offers electric and hydrogen-powered commercial vehicles a more sustainable mobility solution for the transport of people and goods. Pontis' technical expertise combined with SAERTEX reinforcement enables companies to offer their customers a complete package with a higher value proposition.

Important bridge-building between SAERTEX and Pontis on the way to a holistic solution approach: SAERTEX, a leading supplier of technical reinforcement materials, and Pontis, a specialist for comprehensive engineering solutions, have concluded a cooperation agreement. The key element of the cooperation is the combination of innovative engineering solutions with individually tailored reinforcement materials in order to provide customers with a complete solution offer with the best possible performance. Through this collaboration, SAERTEX and Pontis enable their partners to deliver a more comprehensive package. Companies that typically only provide "build-to-print" will benefit from the ability to offer original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) a higher value proposition.

The sector of "Last-Mile Delivery" in particular is the focus of the collaboration. Electric or hydrogen-powered commercial vehicles are a practical solution for transporting people and goods quickly and cost-effectively on the last leg of their journey. This is a clean transportation solution, as the vehicles produce virtually no emissions which could impact air quality, which is an important criterion especially for mobility in metropolitan areas and inner cities, the core area of the "last-mile".

Playing a key role in this are innovative lightweight design concepts which make it possible to reduce weight through an optimal mix of materials, helping to achieve greater ranges for battery-powered vehicles. The interaction between design and material solution is particularly important in order to achieve this range optimization. The use of composites made of glass, carbon or natural fibers requires a rethinking of vehicle design compared to conventional metallic materials.

"To shape the mobility of the future, OEMs require lightweight structures at an affordable cost. Composite materials can fulfil these needs. However, to fully realize the potential, the materials, vehicle design and part production must be combined" says Steven Bakker, Commercial Director at SAERTEX. "That's why we are convinced that combining Pontis's design and prototyping expertise and SAERTEX's reinforcement expertise and production capability will add crucial value for all customers who produce composite parts. Collaboration between these three parties will strengthen our customers’ position when working with an end manufacturer in the last-mile delivery sector."

Pontis specializes in engineering solutions for the development of composite products, with a focus on innovation, cost efficiency and quality. This includes a wide range of services covering the entire process from conception to series production and transportation. Based in Amsterdam, the company bridges the gap between design and manufacturing.

“Pontis actively seeks strategic collaborations with renowned partners to provide even betters answers to sustainability challenges. By leveraging our joint knowledge of engineering and materials, we are able to provide optimal solutions in terms of design, weight, durability, manufacturability and costs,” comments Sjef van Breugel, CEO Pontis Engineering. “The growing commercial vehicle market (e.g., busses, shuttle busses, last-mile delivery vehicles and special purpose vehicles) has set new requirements and challenges for the composite business. Sustainability requirements and lower volumes require a different approach to be commercially viable. Pontis provides technical solutions that require a significantly lower CAPEX investment than, for example, the consumer car industry. With this partnership, SAERTEX and Pontis are well positioned to serve the fast-growing urban mobility market with the best, fastest lightweight and zero-emission solutions. This way the last stretch will be the lightest!”

The partnership aims to support customers in defining the best possible composite design and manufacturing with the best available material. The bundling of know-how creates a complete solution that not only improves the offer for joint customers, but also makes an important contribution to sustainable mobility solutions.
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