SAERflow® saves time, money and waste

Time is money – particularly in the composites industry in which only very few processes are automated. Innovations which facilitate relevant time savings are therefore all the more important. SAERTEX® has created such an innovation with its integrated SAERflow® resin flow media.
External flow media has long ensured faster resin flows and shorter production cycles. However, the laborious application of external flow aids requires extra effort during the fabric lay-up process. Furthermore, external flow mediums and their associated consumable layers must be removed from the component, giving rise to extra effort and waste production. With SAERflow® the process is different: The integrated flow media comprises a lightweight synthetic structure combined with a glass fibre reinforcement. Combined, these result in uncompressible layers with excellent resin flow and outstanding draping properties.

SAERflow® has no influence on the mechanical properties of the component. It is inserted between the individual layers, as with a sandwich structure, and remains in the component after hardening. The infusion process can commence significantly earlier when SAERflow® is used. This means that time savings of up to 25 percent are possible during the lay-up process. The material and time savings achieved, compared with the use of an external flow media, may allow for up to 50 percent in total processing cost.

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