Canal de Isabel II is the company in charge of the supply of potable water to the area of Madrid and offers services to 9.73 million inhabitants. Last summer a water pipe burst in the vicinity of Madrid creating a big hole in the ground. Canal de Isabel II was very much under pressure. More than 800.000 people were affected by water cuts.

TECHNIcal benefits

  1. Time savings – no additional adhesive neccessary
  2. SAERfix is easy to handle, even on highly curved surfaces
  3. Environmentally safe
  4. Reproducible quality


This strong pressure from the local government forced the company to search and find a quick and reliable solution that would solve the problem and appease the public.
Itwas quicklyagreedon twoofthemanysolutions: an American company and a well-known SAERTEX customer: GrupoNavec.
GrupoNavec has developed together with SAERTEX a cutting-edge technology for pipe repairs using SAERTEX’ Carbon SAERfixmaterials, which in the last year was successfully proven to be the best solution for repairing a nuclear power plant's 1500m pipeline.


After several technical discussions and calculations, it became evident that GrupoNavec and SAERTEX had come up with the best solution to tackle the critical task.
GrupoNavec prepared the technical calculations for this project and asked SAERTEX to produce a carbon biax(+/-45°layers) with1028g/m². We manufactured the material and apply SAERfixEP.
However, it was not just a technical decision which allowed this project to be realised, but also the speedy reaction in response to the pressure exercised by the local government which showed that they “started moving”.
During the determination of the scope of the repairs, some other locations in the city of Madrid experienced the same situation: Suddenly the ground disappeared due to the water pressure, which escaped from some old Pipes in the City.


With the help of many colleagues within the company, SAERTEX was able to provide the necessary material in a short period of time to conduct a product demonstration. The decision-makers were able to convince themselves of the resilience and suitability of our solution.
This registered solution called TECNOINVAC SYSTEM®, is currently being installed in various locations in Madrid by GrupoNavec. Other Spanish cities have asked for this solution and even more, the system has now been introduced to other big cities around Europe.

LEO Infusion Resin

LEO Protection Layer (Topcoat / Gelcoat)

Core Materials (Optional)

LEO Reinforcement Material
(Glass / Carbon / Aramid / Hybrid)