Future of the Fjords, Legacy of the Fjords and Rygerelektra - The success story continues

With “Vision of the Fjords,” the first sightseeing ship of the Seasight design series, SAERTEX customer Brødrene Aa set the bar for environmentally friendly design in the marine industry. Because of its lightweight construction with SAERTEX composites and a modern hybrid drive, noise and exhaust emissions were reduced significantly. 
Brødrene Aa completed another ship of the same design in 2018. The company has continued to rely on SAERTEX carbon fiber fabrics for its Seasight series and took its environmental commitment one step further with “Future of the Fjords,” the world’s first fully electric-powered catamaran made of carbon fiber material. Sailing between Flåm and Gudvangen, Norway, two 450 kW electric motors ensure an emission-free trip. Like its sister ship “Vision of the Fjords” in 2016, the “Future of the Fjords” won the prestigious “Ship of the Year 2018” award at the SMM trade fair in Hamburg. Brødrene Aa is scheduled to deliver the second fully electrically driven carbon fiber catamaran “Legacy of the Fjords” to its customer The Fjords AS this year, ensuring visitors from around the world will enjoy sustainable touring through the beautiful Oslofjord for years to come.
The latest success story of the cooperation between Brødrene Aa and SAERTEX is the sightseeing ship “Rygerelektra”. The new ship combines an optimised design with lightweight construction. The carbon catamaran has been delivered to the Norwegian customer Rødne Fjord Cruise in April 2020.  With an all-electric energy storage and propulsion system the ship 

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