Easy Drape UD

New „Easy Drape UD“ for wind turbine rotor blades

SAERTEX has succeeded in achieving better mechanical values and easier handling of the materials by further developing the textile unidirectional fabrics used in the spar cap. SAERTEX EASY DRAPE UD is a new unidirectional fabric that is not only virtually wave-free, but can also be processed 15% faster. The newly developed glass fiber reinforcing material is used in the manufacture of rotor blades for wind turbines and thus meets all the high requirements in the field of energy generation from wind power. Our new Glass UD fabrics allow us to meet market requirements while also guaranteeing our customers improved quality of their composite components.


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For wind turbines
For wind turbines
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Spar Cap


  1. 15% faster processing
    The unidirectional fabric features simple draping and wave-free lay-up in the mold, which makes it easier to process the non-crimp-fabric.
  2. Wave-free laminate quality
    The specially stretched fibers result in a high degree of freedom from waves in the non-crimp-fabric and later also in the laminate itself. This prevents any weak points in the laminate. The fabric has better mechanical properties.
  3. 20% improvement in tensile strength
    Easy Drape UD has a higher load-bearing capacity than conventional Glass UD fabrics.
  4. Improved process stability and laminate quality
    The novel non-crimp-fabric offers higher reproducibility of results and also reduces resin accumulation between fiber strands during infusion. This greatly improves the quality of the laminate.

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