SAERTEX expands product range with pultruded planks for rotor blades

To enhance its range of fiber-based materials for composites in the wind industry, SAERTEX will introduce a new product line at JEC WORLD 2022 in Paris. The new pultruded profiles product line SAERplanks will complement the company's offering of non-crimp fabrics made of glass and carbon fibers for the spar cap section within rotor blades.
The company has been actively working in recent years to develop an innovative in-house manufacturing capability for making pultruded profiles with elevated strength and stiffness. The first production line is about to start in SAERTEX Headquarters in Saerbeck, Germany. The SAERplanks are based on heavy tow carbon fibers produced in a newly developed pultrusion process, no longer based on a traditional resin bath. "There are two outstanding things about SAERplanks. On the one hand, we combine the carbon fiber with a new hybrid resin system, developed in collaboration with AOC resins. And on the other hand, we established an innovative manufacturing process for higher productivity based on a closed resin injection system.

SAERTEX has been partnering with AOC Resins in this project to achieve the high requirements for reliable performance, high productivity, and minimum scrap rates. AOC managed to develop a high-performance hybrid resin specifically for SAERTEX. Through multiple product development iterations and thorough experimental design, experts from Saertex and AOC have been able to optimize resin composition and key process settings. As a result, Saertex is now able to run its process consistently, with excellent quality and performance reliability.

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