SAERTEX demonstrates practical solutions that help to make composite structures and components even more lightweight and make processes even faster and more cost-effective.


For all whose ideas stretch the limits of today’s possibilities: Think Carbon. We are your partner for developing your multiaxial carbon reinforcements. Turn your imagination into reality with SAERTEX.

Innovative and tailor-made: SAERTEX fabrics made of carbon also known as NCFs (non-crimp fabrics). Depending on the fibre type, surface weight and angle combination, various mechanical characteristics can be achieved. SAERTEX products are individually configured for our customers and optimally adapted to a range of processes: vacuum infusion, RTM, pultrusion, prepreg, compression, etc. SAERTEX-fabrics are optionally compatible with various resin systems: EP / UP / VE / PUR / PP / PA and caprolactam.


Carbon non-crimp fabrics enable lightweight construction, individual formability even with complex geometries, high rigidity despite low weight, and they are extremely resilient under high stress.

SAERTEX products are always tailor-made, i.e. individually configured for our customers and optimized in the choice of components and overall processes.

We will show you impressive examples of how our materials make your solutions lighter and more efficient. You will find a selection of projects from different markets and areas of application.


Brødrene AA is the world market leader in the construction of fast ferries made of carbon fiber composite materials. SAERTEX supplies the carbon non-crimp fabric for Brødrene AA’s fast ferries. Only carbon non-crimp fabric made by SAERTEX was used for the new hybrid sightseeing ship, resulting in weight savings of 50% and fuel savings of 20%.

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A carbon solution for the B pillar of the Lamborghini Huracán: SAERTEX® and Audi developed a carbon NCF solution for the new Lamborghini Huracán in close collaboration.

  • Carbon non-crimp fabric from SAERTEX
  • High drapability
  • Good permeability
  • Excellent quality assurance in production
  • Preform and infusion by Audi
  • Water jet cutting by Audi


Candela Speed Boat AB

Founded in 2014, the Swedish company Candela Speedboat AB achieved within just two years what other boat builders still dream of: a completely emission-free, long-range speedboat. SAERTEX® has been a project partner from the very beginning. The development of dedicated carbon fabrics has been key to achieve the challenging weight targets.