SAERTEX® is a global manufacturer of textile reinforcing materials for lightweight construction. In addition to multiaxial fabrics made of glass and carbon fibres, the company has so far produced fibre-reinforced components at its location in Stade. As part of its strategic focus on its core activities, the company has now decided to discontinue its business activities in Stade.

With the termination of its business activities, SAERTEX is taking the strategic decision to focus on the production of materials for lightweight construction and trenchless rehabilitation of sewer pipes. Component production activities at the Stade site will be discontinued by the end of 2020. Existing orders will be filled and a gradual phase-out process carried out.

On the factory premises in Stade, with its 7,000 square meters of production space, SAERTEX has offered services ranging from prototyping to small series development of components since 2002. As a DIN EN 9100 and ISO 9001 certified supplier, SAERTEX Stade was particularly active for the aviation industry. The SAERTEX factory in Stade remained the only one of the 15 sites of the SAERTEX group around the world where components were produced.

The activities of the SAERTEX Group in the aerospace sector – which have developed very positively overall in recent years – will, in future, be concentrated at the company's headquarters in Saerbeck and at the Huntersville (NC) location in the USA. There, SAERTEX successfully develops and produces textile reinforcing materials made of carbon fibres for aviation customers such as Airbus, Boeing and Bombardier as well as other important companies in the sector.

"Our core competencies are the development and production of materials for lightweight construction and the trenchless rehabilitation of sewer pipes. This is where we have focused our investments in recent years and we will continue to pursue this course in the future, too," explains Christoph Geyer, CEO of the SAERTEX Group.

In close coordination with the works council in Stade, socially acceptable solutions are being worked out for the workforce at SAERTEX Stade.

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