In an interview at the K-FAIR 2016 Steven Bakker, Head of R&D / Application Service, explains the interaction of SAERTEX® glass fiber non-crimp fabrics and core materials, with a newly developed PU resin manufactured by Covestro.
Wind farm sizes are constantly increasing and the technical demand for parts is growing in response. To be able to meet these requirements in future, the quality of parts and production processes must be continually optimized. Thus, it is necessary to optimize the relationship between strengthening materials made of glass and carbon fibres, composite core materials (SAERfoam®), matrix systems and production techniques. The SAERTEX® glass fibre non-crimp fabrics would not, as previously, be impregnated with epoxide resins, but with a newly developed PU resin manufactured Covestro.

SAERTEX possesses comprehensive engineering know how - particularly in the wind power industry - and has already developed new types of fabric and processes for achieving cost savings and increases in efficiency during the course of myriad projects with various partners.

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