SAERfix® EP is environmentally sound

SAERTEX is committed to the environment – partially due to the fact that SAERTEX products often aid in the conservation of natural resources and are used in many sustainable industries.

The company is currently all the more delighted over the latest assessment by the renowned consultation, analytical and testing agency WESSLING of Altenberg, who confirm that our patented textile aid SAERfix® can be classed as “non-water hazardous” in the section “Water hazards” under German Water Law. SAERfix® was tested both in its rolled form on paper, and as a self-adhesive system in combination with a glass fibre fabric. In both cases, WESSLING’s laboratory for environmental analysis rated SAERfix® as “non-water hazardous” under the legal “Water Hazards” section.

About SAERfix®: SAERfix®, an adhesive developed and patented by SAERTEX, makes the placement of multiaxial fabrics of glass, carbon or aramid easier. Fabrics finished with SAERfix® are self-adhesive, making additional spray adhesives a thing of the past. SAERfix® is supplied as rolled good on release paper or in a combined system as a self-adhesive fabric.

“We strive for continuous improvement in our care for the environment, and take measures to reduce the detrimental effects on the environment which exceed statutory and regulatory requirements,” stresses SAERTEX CEO Bruno Lammers. “Therefore, we are just a little proud of this positive assessment.”

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