Re-engineering of SAERTEX USA location

SAERTEX USA, LLC in Huntersville, North Carolina re-engineered its processes for further growth in the NAFTA markets. Milestones within this re-engineering process were the setup of new key processes, introduction of the SAP ERP system and the investment in a new customer service office facility.

During the whole year of 2017 SAERTEX USA, LLC in Huntersville, North Carolina has re-engineered its local processes and structures to manage the increased demand of non-crimp fabric materials in the NAFTA markets.

In cooperation with the global SAERTEX specialists the key processes in production, logistics and customer service had been revised and optimized. A major part of this re-engineering was to improve information flow and digitalize processes.

In the summer of 2017, SAERTEX USA successfully introduced the SAP ERP system to join the other digitally connected SAERTEX locations in Saerbeck, Portugal, India and Brazil. “With the implementation of SAP, SAERTEX looks forward to improved order processing, tracking, and reporting capabilities worldwide. Customers can also expect to notice improved delivery date reliability, lead times, and overall process efficiency,” says Ulrich Tombuelt, Chief Operations Officer at SAERTEX USA.

SAERTEX USA also constructed a 13,000 sq. ft. office expansion to its existing Huntersville, NC, facility, effectively doubling office space and converting the former office space into an additional 6,000 sq. ft. of production space in June 2017. The total production space for the Huntersville, NC, facility is now 160,000 sq. ft.
The smart office concept is part of the re-engineering project of the second largest subsidiary of the SAERTEX Group. It is home to the local customer service and material engineering team to develop customized Non-Crimp Fabric reinforcement solutions for the local markets. Those teams are now located within close proximity to both the production and logistics departments, which has resulted in improved cooperation and communication.

“Our customers already confirm major improvements in the fulfilment of orders and information flow. But we have set ourselves ambitious targets to further improve customer satisfaction. We see this as the base for further growth with our existing business and in new markets like transportation, automotive or construction”, says Kyle Kraus, Vice President Sales SAERTEX USA, LLC.

In November 2017 the new standardized processes had been proofed by an ISO EN 9001 audit to pass this external review with remarkable improvements in comparison to the former year.

LEO Infusion Resin

LEO Protection Layer (Topcoat / Gelcoat)

Core Materials (Optional)

LEO Reinforcement Material
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