Official all-clear: the fire at SAERTEX multiCom is under control

The fire on the factory premises of SAERTEX multiCom has been brought under control by the fire department. The warning to the local residents has been lifted. Thankfully no was harmed and only material damage result from the fire.
During the early afternoon the fire department was able to control the fire of the production and warehouse building in Saerbeck. The fire-fighting operations are being continued tirelessly to put out the last glow nests and to secure the location of the fire.

Thanks to the successful fight against the flames the fire department and the local community Saerbeck could give the all-clear around 02:22 pm today. There was no danger to the population in and around Saerbeck. Moreover a team of over 230 emergency forces consisting of fire fighters as well as other helpers have been operating since the early morning.

Affected by the fire was a production and warehouse building of 5.000 m2, which has been split in two by a fire protection wall. The first 2.500 m2 were in full fire, which was almost completely extinguished by the early afternoon, so that the fire didn’t expand out to other parts of the company. Particularly the administration and production buildings of SAERTEX GmbH remain undamaged. The operations of SAERTEX GmbH will restart tomorrow morning.

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