LEO, our composite system that meets the most stringent fire safety standards while offering the best mechanical characteristics, now has its own website.
The new website is aimed primarily at prospective and existing customers in the rail, construction and marine industrial sectors. Fire safety standards are particularly stringent in these sectors. These industries often still do without lightweight and innovative composite components. LEO is intended to change this situation.

“The technology behind LEO is complex, but it combines very many benefits. Therefore, we have decided to give LEO a special status among SAERTEX products,” explains Max Altenähr, who is the head of the new SAERTEX LEO Business Unit and was instrumental in the introduction of the composite system. “Fire safety standards are particularly stringent for rail vehicles,” he says. “With LEO, it is now possible for the first time to design fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) components made using infusion technology according to DIN SPEC 91326 which have certified flammability characteristics according to EN ISO 45545. These are suitable for interior and exterior components subject to HL2 and HL3 and they can also be manufactured in reproducible quality. For designers in the rail sector, this opens up totally new possibilities for dimensioning FRP components so that they are optimized for lightweight construction.”

Composite materials have long been used in many industries. The goal of the new website is to provide the few industries that – because of the stringent fire safety standards – have previously refrained from using composite materials with extensive information about the many benefits of lightweight components made of fiberglass, carbon or aramid. SAERTEX experts will periodically supplement the new website with case studies and best practices.

We are pleased to provide support and are working intensely in order to continue to improve the website, including by using your feedback. Feel free to send us any suggestions for improvements by e-mail to; we would be happy to hear your opinion so that we can continuously progress.

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