SAERcore LEO® FOR rail vehicles COMPLIANT WITH HL3 EN4545-2

For 25 years BARAT has been a world-known supplier for the railway industry (rolling stock). The company is based in France and manufactures interior fittings, doors, windows and carbody fittings for the railway industry. The project intended to realize a cabin access door via RTM process for STADLER’s new high speed train SMILE whilst complying the fire protection standard EN 45545-2 requirement R1 with painting.


The idea of the project was to manufacture an access door by using RTM process with serial production molds and to take advantage of the technical benefits of SAERcore LEO. The objectives of the project obtain EN 45545 certificate R1 with painting.


By using SAERcore LEO, Barat was able a to achieve a homogeneous impregnation with ATH filled fire retardant resin. Continuous Filament Mat (CFM) were used previously and were difficult to shape – SAERcore LEO is easy to cut and applies in 3D molds of various shapes. It works with most fire retardant resins.


Thanks to SAERcore LEO, BARAT’s access door fulfills fire protection standards according EN 45545-2 (R1 and R7) HL2 and HL3 requirements. The material can be easily processed in RTM in combination with most fire retardant resins. Thin parts (2.5 – 4 mm) can be easily shaped with SAERcore LEO using a closed mold process.


  1. Quality & reproducibility
  2. Easy resin flow
  3. Compliant with fire regulation

LEO Infusionsharz

LEO Protection Layer (Topcoat / Gelcoat)

Kernmaterialien (optional)

LEO Verstärkungsmaterial
(Glas / Carbon / Aramid / Hybride)